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VoIP technology to prevent fraud is difficult

(Reporter correspondent on Wang Yu Jie) recently liar to the public telephone system using Internet phone fraud, the public received a phone call when the caller announced to the police office phone number. Chaoyang Police yesterday issued an emergency, reminding the public alert,Longchamp Sale USA Shot and robbed by several men get 100 yu, 110 received a similar phone call to verify time, do not reveal themselves and their families to another bank account information and personal data and must not transfer.

Police advise, if the claim is received, Do not reveal to others their own or their family bank account information and personal information and must not easily transfer. Families with elderly, children should always remind, strengthen prevention, do not be deceived. Once taken in, immediately call 110 calls to the police.

this, the Chaoyang police advise the public: the ever changing telecommunications means of fraud, criminals through a converter,Peuterey italia, the Public Security Bureau Chaoyang announced the phone number through a telephone system known as SK Networks forced to issue ,Longchamp Bags Online 6 year old man attempting to, in order to cheat the people trust,Piumini peuterey, fraud activity, please alert the general public. The morning of August 2, Hua XX, Fumou, Wang, Chen and four similar to Tianchang area This guesthouse, with homemade tools methamphetamine. Involved in a drug of China, Wang and others were convicted Tianchang Public Security Bureau detention and a fine, young women Fumou illegal drug use due to pregnancy, according to the law,Fujian, one out of ten flowers Tieshu ( Figure ), not the implementation of detention. Currently, police are tracing the drugs everlasting on line. (Xu Zang Jinke hesitant to open)

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Hefei Evening News recently, Chiaki Tianchang Public Security Bureau police station patrol the scene and arrested the four The police surprise, four drug addicts are not only foreign wealthy, which have a pregnant unmarried young women!

8 2 at 1100 hours, Chiaki Tianchang Public Security Bureau police station area Tianchang routine patrol to a hotel door. Suspicious, the police immediately stepped forward to produce documents, preparing young men for questioning. Unexpectedly,Prezzi peuterey, the trance of the young men had been found after police recovered a sudden, At this point, young men and trembling,Peuterey spaccio, he kept saying: In this hotel room taking off drugs,Giacconi uomo,Longchamp Sizes Primary school teachers more than! According to the police immediately conducted a search of hotel rooms, caught a home made tools for a set of drugs, the three men suspected of taking drugs by the police control. Upon examination, four of the urine test were positive. Police then China and other four young men and women of a survey and found that they live in different towns Tianchang, mostly for wealthy people, the oldest 21 years old,Peuterey roma, the youngest less than 18 years, of which the unmarried women involved in drugs Young has been cherished Fumou two months pregnant!

shop next door told reporters that a staff member , I heard a Knocked severely deformed front windshield cracked . bruises . But the bus speed is still unabated ,shop longchamp le pliage large tote, has the poles, cable transfer box crashed. Finally ,Daunen jacken herren, this car

It is understood that the bus driver is not right, and two were injured person was taken to the Sixth People Hospital ,Vendita peuterey, Department of the slight injury . Accident vehicle has been towed away , police in maintaining order. Bring disaster to the accident were three shops snack bar , Guilin Rice Noodles and a cross stitch shop. Sanjiadian knocked cluttered store , goods floating down one place ,Peuterey collezione primavera, which severely damaged the snack bar . Sidewalk on the floor of the wreckage of broken glass and plastic . Moreover,White Longchamp First, the shoe size is too small., the roadside telephone poles knocked Pillarless also broken , two cable transfer box falls from its original location about 10 meters away.

bus fleet , according to the staff of the bus , the driver surnamed Jiang , 40 years old . Time of the incident , he was driving the bus along the Guilin Road heading south, moving to Guan Sheng Yuan Road junction , in order to avoid the car in front to play the right direction , may be just that once the rain over slippery roads , burst into the three shop .

Morning News yesterday around 2 pm , Guan Sheng Yuan Road,le pliage price 75 years old riding a tricycle in, Guilin Road intersection ,Longchamp Le Pliage Hobo Squirrel across the track,Peuterey uomo 2011, a 166 bus to avoid a taxi , rushed into the street three shop front knocked severely deformed.

intern reporter Yang Tianhong Wang Yi Yi

and into the New Dragon in telephone contact several times to no avail in the case, May 24, 2010, to implement the judge conducted a search of their temporary residence, its name is not found that three cars. Meanwhile, as New Dragon refused to explain the situation of the property under their own name, and refused to hand over the vehicle.

Chaoyang Court held that, as Xin Long lines of vehicles of all, letting all of its vehicle control and management,Moda primavera 2011,Longchamp Medium Long Handle 71 year old broke si, the losses caused by the accident should be joint and several liability. Decision drivers Jeong compensation for medical expenses, payments, disability compensation totaling 10 million yuan, etc.; owners into a new lung, the debts and liabilities of joint and several liability.

According to reports, October 28, 2008,Peuterey online shop, in the Chaoyang district level park crosswalk at the intersection first, 21 year old Chung driving from east to west, and north to south road riding Wang vehicle traffic accidents were caused Ms. Wang injured, two vehicles damaged. Determined by the transport sector,Thousands of users in microblogging forward messag, Jeong negative full responsibility for the accident.

ruling takes effect, the court for Ms. Wang to the sun right into the New Dragon for enforcement. The investigation, under the name of the debtor into Xinlong three vehicles and runs into Beijing Tianzhu decoration Decoration Co., Ltd.

2008 10 from 28 to 25 November 2008, 54 year old Ms. Wang in Beijing Chuiyangliu hospital treatment, the diagnosis certificate stated: Ms. Wang chest contusion, multiple rib fractures of the left,Discount Longchamp Tote Residents of the roof was, left hemothorax, left lung contusion, head injury, head trauma, nerve reactions, scalp hematoma. Hospital expenses advanced by the owners into a New Dragon. After identified, Ms. Wang level of disability is ? level.

2011 6 29,Abbigliamento Donna peutere, into a new dragon in the court still refused to explain the whereabouts of the property, not with the court investigation, and the transcript is not signed and delivered back to the card. Into a new dragon refused to perform such acts constituted conduct the people court decision into effect, the Court decided 15 of its judicial custody, and recommended that public security organs into New Dragon in effect refusing to implement court decisions, ruled that the crime investigation.

reporter learned that the families of the dragon into a new case has all the money to pay to the court.
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