peuterey geospirit causing three deaths

giacca donna woolrich causing three deaths

Using face recognition technique police arrested murder suspect fled Vietnam

Beijing Times (Reporter Pei Xiaolan) 10 years ago, in his early 20s,?mod=spacecp together with others stuffed Pu Yunfeng two murder, causing four deaths and one wounded. Pu Yunfeng’s two accomplices were sentenced to death, he then renamed fled Vietnam, where a wife. Police eventually be identified by face recognition technology. Yesterday,peuterey palermo, Pu Yunfeng suspicion of murder and two counts of intentional injury in the Second City Court for trial.

Yesterday 9:40 Xu, 37 year old Pu Yunfeng was brought to court. The indictment showed that he is Korean,spaccio moncler,?mod=spacecp residence in Heilongjiang, college education.

Prosecutors said he was first suspected of intentional homicide. Allegations,piumini moncler prezzi, Pu Yunfeng by Kim Chol, Kim Chol Jin Zhefeng gathered and together, Jin Zhefeng et al., On September 22, 1998 22 am, in the Chaoyang District, home to spend Kim temporary residence district, has 20 year old Meng Le Kim, Kim and 18 year old girlfriend, 23 year old male friend of the neck, also armed with a knife stabbed three people tie the chest,woolrich bologna indirizzo, causing three deaths.

Jin Zhe, are brothers, they were arrested in 2000, currently have been executed. Clear from their verdict,outlet woolrich monselice, the two brothers was a gun and wounded uncle year, the brothers suspect this is a fellow by Kim et al., For conspiracy, want to identify the mastermind by Kim retaliation. The incident that day, they were asked to Kim, Kim denies lying is considered final and was killed along with two friends.

Yesterday, Pu Yunfeng pleaded guilty when he said in Qingdao, Beijing was called Ginger call is to give money and help shine uncle, and did not let him Ginger helped kill. When Jin Zhe let him when the two Le addition,?tid=267265 he can not not get involved, “Kim Chul has murder, I fear him, if I do not Le, two brothers, in turn, fear that they kill me.” He said that because Kim girlfriend hard for mercy,moncler prezzo, he did not go on hand, just another person involved in the Le.

However, Jin Zhe brother’s confession,giubbotto donna woolrich, both said, strangled three individuals are Puyun Feng’s idea, and he was full participation.

A year after the incident Beijing, also suspected of involvement in another murder together. Alleges that fellow want revenge,giubbotti woolrich 2013, Park,, together with Jin Zhe et al December 27, 1999 19 am, respectively, holding homemade small caliber pistol, shotgun, sneaked Qingdao City, Shandong Province, a grill,moncler alpin, a shot at the Park and his brother, a brother of death caused by Park, Park some minor injuries. Prosecutors believe he was suspected of intentional assault.

Move accounts renamed fled abroad

said in Qingdao after the incident, he was the first in the family business partner stayed one night, the next day back to Yantai, the night boat to Dalian from Dalian to Shenyang, from Shenyang to Yanji.

In Yanji,hogan uomo outlet online, he found a man do to make false fake ID, and later spend money to do the fake account transfer card, the account into his aunt’s home in Heilongjiang on account of this, and changed his name to Li Junyu. He then organized a passport in Heilongjiang, and check online how to go abroad. “I do not want to stay in the country, the fear of being caught.”

Pu Yunfeng said he felt the best Vietnam visa sign, so in 2003 directly to the Vietnamese Embassy in Beijing visa, not long from Shanghai to Vietnam. It is reported that Puyun Feng opened a printing plant in Vietnam, and a wife, children less than 3 years old at present.

Was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City

During this period,?mod=viewthread Pu Yunfeng has been listed as online fugitives. Shandong police finally were compared by way of recognition, combined family survey has confirmed the departure of “Lijun Yu” is the Pu Yunfeng. Through cross border police cooperation with Vietnam,?tid=1767251 on December 21,woolrich bambino,?mod=viewthread 2012 by the Vietnamese police arrested in Ho Chi Minh City from the residence, after being handed over by the Chinese police.

Yesterday the trial,?mod=viewthread the prosecutor believes confession evasive,hogan prezzi, pleaded guilty poor attitude, no proper respect for the dead, subjective vicious deep,
peuterey geospirit causing three deaths
suggestions punished severely. The case did not in court for sentencing.